After twenty years of working alongside the consumer as a sommelier, I have learned that everyone has his own taste preferences in wine as in everything else. I have also discovered that the most important thing in choosing a wine is to adhere to my own instincts and not let myself be swayed by the popular styles and current fashions. My motivation in choosing these wines is, like the winemakers, not to sell as great a volume of wine as possible, but to sell as great a wine as possible. This portfolio, therefore, is not large. However, it is filled with the best examples of wines found within each appellation. As a sommelier, the consumer entrusts me to select the best possible wine for his money. Although I won't be with you when you drink these wines, I have selected them with value and pleasure in mind.

These are producers who are carrying on the ancient tradition of winemaking and whose role is to transform the essence of the grape into the most romantic and delicious beverage known to man.